Column: Local tourism industry sees quick rebound after Great Recession – University of West Florida Newsroom

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Local tourism rebounds after great recession.. rick Harper is Rick Harper is the associate vice president for research and economic opportunity at the University of West Florida. The quick recovery of our leisure and hospitality sector was completely predictable. After all, the health of.

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That Home Depot was the first one the company has opened in the country since 2013, and the home-improvement sector has recovered following the Great Recession in a way that retail apparel hasn’t. The increasing trend of do-it-yourself projects and the desire to fix-up a living space go hand-in-hand with the experiences and quality-of-life.

 · I don’t read Tom Purcell’s column, but in Wednesday’s Daily Miner (Nov. 7, "Don’t let Jeep get all cheesy on us"), the first sentence caught my eye, so I read the whole column.

See the CNBC article.<br /><br />The Great Roubini is awakening to the disaster in housing, but he does not yet grasp how it will result in a systemic USEconomic failure. He begins with a slow growth scenario, then cannot justify it, even to contradict it while discussing relevant factors.

Transit Apartheid 1AC. It is the low wage workers, the people of color, the elderly, the high school students, and the disabled who must be at the center of any viable transit strategy. The deterioration of urban public transportation is racially coded and must be.

32514 Pensacola Florida News: Easier to qualify for a m If you’re looking for a four-year university with the feeling of home then West Florida is the place for you. Located at 11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32514, it is only twenty minutes from the beach and conveniently has many apartment complexes and restaurants in the surrounding area.

A group of Cornerstone University students are weighing in on a recent spat between Grand Valley State University administrators and the student newspaper. Their responses vary, but all center on.

Home Mortgage Rates in West Virginia. West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the nation with a median household income of $44,354 in 2016. Median household incomes have not recovered from their peak prior to the Great Recession, as 2007 incomes were $48,724 in 2016 CPI-U-RS adjusted Dollars.

By Larry Kummer. From the fabius maximus website. Summary: The Green New Deal, recently advocated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, could start the biggest decade for government projects since the 1960’s Great Society & Apollo. Big beyond most people’s imagination. But it has received little critical analysis (other than calling it "socialism").