OC Clerk-recorder Hugh Nguyen finds his dad after 50 years "A clean desk is a reflection of an empty mind," he said. whose jobs require order in their Washington County offices — Register of Wills Kathleen Flynn Reda, Recorder of Deeds Debbie Bardella,

About Us. By law, the Register of Deeds is charged with the integrity, completeness, accuracy, and safekeeping of these public records. It is the mission of the Johnston County Register of Deeds to preserve the integrity of the records and to make them accessible to you.

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Los Angeles County, one of California’s original 27 counties, was established on Feb. 18, 1850. It is one of the nation’s largest counties with 4,084 square miles, and has the largest population of any county in the nation.

Welcome to the Bibb County Clerk of Superior Court Public Records Search. We currently have all of our real estate index records from 1950 to Current available on-line. We also have the images available from 1989 to Current with more being added daily. It is our ultimate goal to have all of our Real Estate records from 1950 to current on-line, so that you can do a 60 year title search.

Register now to: Advanced access to Civil, Family and Probate court records as per the current version of the Florida supreme court standards for Access to Electronic Court Records and the Access Security Matrix.

With the General Search Screen you can find a document by company name, person name , municipality, document type, date range, or any combination of the above. For example, one can find all deeds for John Doe in the municipality of Bristol between November 1, 1997 and July 27, 2004. Most searches are much simpler.

The Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts greatly expanded Internet Public Viewing on June 9th, 2015 in accordance with the provisions of Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order SC AO .This Administrative Order sets standards for viewing of electronic court records whereby use of Advanced Searches requires the submission of a notarized registered access request form to ensure identity.

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but a county clerk in North Carolina allegedly won’t recognize it. Universal Life Church Ministries said in a federal lawsuit filed monday that Cleveland County Register of Deeds Betsy S. Harnage has.

"Higher prices are forcing these buyers to dig deeper into their pockets and this process. Data is also available at the county and zip code level upon request. The data is derived from recorded.