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Did Robo-Signing Lawyers Knowingly Commit Fraud in the. – Indeed, even though much of the coverage of the foreclosure mess, including my own, has focused on the robo-signing and the related frauds on the court, it’s important to realize these are just symptoms of the massive destruction of the real property system caused by the mega-securitization of mortgages.

Florida Court Case Finds Robo Signing Not Enough to Stop. – The court’s opinion, while clearly narrow in scope, especially given the facts in the case – as HW’s editorial staff took NUMEROUS pains to note in our coverage – also makes it equally clear that the court does not see robo-signing in and of itself as a reason to vacate a prior foreclosure.

foreclosure robo-signing | Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog – The defense lawyers say the practice calls the cases, and indeed the entire process, into question. "To be certain affidavits have followed the correct procedures, Bank of America will delay the process in order to amend all affidavits in foreclosure cases that have not yet gone to judgment,” B of A spokesman Dan Frahm said in a statement.

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The Maine Crime: Mortgage Fraud In The Great State Of Maine – Hire one of the stars who cycled through the SEC before settling in at a law firm.<br />Before you know it, your lawyer will be swapping stories about the old days over drinks with an agency pal,<br />and you’ll be back in the game faster than you can say “regulatory capture.”<br />Susan Antilla is.

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