How to Declare Your Reverse Mortgage Interest Deduction

In addition to the rules to deduct primary residence mortgage interest, there are also rules to deduct interest for investment real estate or to claim interest as a deduction against rental real estate, but those rules are a moot point for a reverse mortgage since a reverse mortgage must be against your primary residence.

Owning a rental property can return cash and tax advantages in several ways. You should have rental income after direct expenses, insurance, and property taxes, and you can take a depreciation deduction to offset the taxes on that income. Then there’s that all-important mortgage interest deduction.

Any interest (including original interest discount) accrued on a reverse mortgage is not deductible home mortgage interest. See Pub. 936, Home Mortgage Interest Deduction, for more information. With a reverse mortgage, you retain title to your home. Depending on the plan, your reverse mortgage becomes due with interest when you move, sell your.

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Is Reverse Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible – The reverse mortgage interest Tax Deduction Because the lender is giving you money for a house that you still own, you’re basically getting a loan, and when you take out a loan, you usually have to pa. Oct 21, 2011 How to Declare Your Reverse Mortgage Interest Deduction.

Although you can’t deduct interest on a reverse mortgage until you actually pay it, you can deduct the fees and costs of originating the loan. These include broker fees, document fees and "points".

How to Declare Your Reverse Mortgage Interest Deduction March 1, 2019 By Michael G. Branson 9 comments Similar to a conventional mortgage, some of the costs associated with getting a reverse mortgage are tax deductible , as are any interest payments a borrower might make.

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How to split mortgage interest tax deductions. Every year, your mortgage lender sends you a 1098 showing how much mortgage interest and mortgage insurance premiums you paid. If you pay the.

CFPB Wants New Mortgage Origination Rules on Points, Fees – The new rules under consideration, which the agency anticipates will be proposed this summer and made final in the beginning days of 2013, specify a required an interest rate deduction when. agency. The Reverse Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction .

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