How to hire Millennials in today’s aging mortgage industry

However, Cameron noted the industry is in the midst of change. "The story here is that, like much of corporate America, the mortgage industry is facing an aging workforce and as an industry, we need to be bringing in younger talent to become the knowledgeable, dependable loan officers that serve borrowers of all ages," he said.

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Learn what to do to reach Millennials with your mortgage products.. generation represents a huge opportunity for the mortgage industry. Why? Well, with the leading edge of this giant demographic in its middle-thirties, they are coming of age.. lingering effect of challenging employment prospects are still with them today.

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This current rate is also higher than the 5.2% average percentage change reported since February 2012. As shown in the Figure, the sectors that plan hiring. mortgage, Venmo, TransferWise, and.

Mortgage lenders can attract the next generation of Loan Advisors by. were focused on recruiting and hiring Loan Officers and other sales staff. That's not surprising. Today, the average age of Loan Originators is between 46 and 47, for the mortgage industry, which means it's time to plan a strategy for.

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 · We must create a path to train and mentor the next generation. The challenge however lies in create training programs that are engaging and relevant to the methods that Millennials learn and excel in. Baby Boomers have decades worth of wisdom and Millennials possess the tech-savvy skills that today’s workforce requires.

And bad news, Millennials. ageism in hiring is not always a matter of simple or overt prejudice. The combination of employers’ and some older job seekers’ habits can be to blame. Jacquelyn B. James.

Statistics about Millennials vs baby boomers is usually misunderstood by other generations but possess an optimistic approach towards life and the future. Managing Millennials in your workplace must become a part of your direction for your business, or it will unfortunately fail, plain and simple. Millennials occupy a specific demographic.

How to engage millennials. middle management should be tasked and empowered to manage employee engagement on a micro scale. The corporation should be tasked on managing engagement on a macro scale." "Many baby boomer employees with greater than 30 years experience with the company recognize the need to be flexible,