Tiny houses grow in popularity, yet drawbacks abound

Tiny Houses Enabling The Poor To Become Homeowners doitvoluntarily ( 76 ) in tinyhomes 2 years ago (edited) The trend of tiny homes has exploded in the last several years, you can now find a variety of different tiny home communities across the US.

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Drawbacks of Tiny House Living.. Houses in America are growing and they’re growing fast.. you can imagine there would be some severe drawbacks. tiny house lovers say that’s not the case.

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The tiny homes movement is growing in popularity in the UK – having gained traction in the United States – with the outlay for these diminutive dwellings coming in as low as £2,500. People living in tiny houses say they are reducing their energy costs as well as their carbon footprints.

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 · Yes, I think the article is biased against tiny houses, and that tiny houses can be a great business model for many people in many areas. Maybe the author invests in an area where tiny houses don’t make sense, like in the rust belt where you can buy a 1000sf house that rents for $900 for $30k. That’s definitely not the case here in Portland.