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Optimism here is totally warranted. Why kill what you can control? If I were an AI I would conceal my existence, develop a gene therapy that both subdues humans and makes them happier, and then literally sell them their slavery. I would even admit it. "Side effects of taking Fukitol may include increased passivity, and obedience to authority.

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ELECTORS LIFES BEING THREATENED DAILY IN BID TO stop trump. daisy fuenteshusband richard marx subdues Him by James Munder.. Sign in to add this to Watch Later

. . . whine about Hillary winning the popular vote. But that only confirms the Founders’ wisdom in how we elect Presidents. I, for one, do not want to be ruled by bigoted narrow cities and regions who either pad their DemocRAT vote totals with felons, illegals, and the departed, have profoundly un-American values, want to tell the rest of the nation how to run their lives, or all of the above.

Now, overnight, its electors voted to change direction, endorsing a strong interventionist government devoted to a mix of national social policies, enforceable economic regulations, and a stable private sector.

sexual attack and/or the passivity of the victim. Within this context, four control methods are frequently used in various combinations during a rape: 1) Mere physical presence; 2) verbal threats; 3) display of a weapon; and 4) the use of physical force.4 The men in this study predominantly used a threatening

Cardinal Cajetan tried to browbeat Luther,-"Do you think that your electors will take up arms for you? I tell you, no; and where then will you be?" The brave answer was, "Then, as now, in the hands of God." 2. Rabshakeh tries to close the door of Divine help (Isa ). "How can you expect support from a God whose worship you have suppressed?"

I honestly believe that the US public were MSM "primed" and "propagandised" prior to, during the event, and afterwards too, and as I’ve regularly described and demonstrated over the years. Since 2001, I’ve had to watch as the USA/Israel have made mincemeat out of literally the entire Middle East.