Missing Loan Documents Stall Mortgage Foreclosure

Less than one day after posting a massive loss for the first quarter of 2016, the nonbank has run afoul of the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement and is now forbidden from taking foreclosure.

She testified further that it was customary for Countrywide to maintain possession of the original note and related loan documents. the foreclosure process could be held up should anyone actually.

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SAMPLE REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION OF FORECLOSURE DOCUMENTS A Request for Production of Documents is an essential part of the overall discovery process that entitles you to copies of all the important documents in your case. By forcing the bank to prove they have the right to sue you AND complied with all of the legal requirements for handling and recording your loan, you’ll be in a much better.

Once you notice the mortgage payment is missing, notify your borrower by certified letter. Include the payment amount and original due date. Date your letter and state the date by which the missing payment must be made to avoid foreclosure.

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According to court documents, between 2008 and 2010, Flanders charged clients advance fees in exchange for a number of financial services, including loan modifications, mortgage loan. or Sandoval.

What if I Refuse to Sign Refinance Closing Documents? by Bob Haring . Closing is a legal procedure to complete a mortgage for a home loan. Some lawyers refer to closing as "passing the papers," because that’s what you do — pass papers from one party to another until they’re all signed by both the borrower and the lender.. Federal law gives.

Foreclosure is a legal proceeding taken against a mortgage borrower who stops making payments on their loan. Since the house that is purchased with a mortgage acts as collateral for the mortgage loan, it can be repossessed and sold by the lender should the borrower stop making payments.

Gray, 38, tried for almost a year to get her mortgage modified, only to have the approval rescinded. Bank of America Corp. said documents were missing. continue with the foreclosure process while.

When a missing document problem surfaces for a loan that is headed for foreclosure, it is imperative that the mortgage remains on track for foreclosure, and that the missing document problem is dealt with promptly as described earlier.

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